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Eros Now has launched the largest ever movie library in India. It has more than 7,000 titles, including movies, TV shows, and music albums. And it is expanding its reach by partnering with some of the largest telecom and content providers in the country. In addition, it is producing original content for the new platform.

Movie collection

Eros Now is an online streaming service that features a large collection of Bollywood movies. It also provides users with music videos, original shows and other forms of entertainment. The site offers a 7-day trial for new customers.

Eros Now’s movie catalogue includes over 12,000 titles in its library. These include blockbuster films, web series and music videos. You can select your favorite movie from a list based on genre, decade and language.

However, Eros Now’s content is not as abundant as other online movie services. Users can access a handful of shows such as ‘Modi Season 2’ and ‘Vikrant Massey’. If you’re looking for a more robust lineup, then you may want to check out a competitor.

For those who are based in the US, you can sign up for Eros Now through Amazon Channels. This is a great way to access some of the best Indian content available.

One of the main benefits of using Eros is that it is ad-free. In addition, you can watch high definition content from all over the world.

Partnerships with leading telecom and content players

Eros Now has entered into partnerships with some of the leading content and telecom players in the industry. This is a move to build a direct-to-consumer relationship, which Eros believes will drive growth and reduce churn.

These partnerships will allow the company to consolidate its content portfolio and reach more consumers. Currently, the platform caters to more than 18.8 million subscribers, with plans to grow to 19 million by 2020. Its offerings include movies, music videos, and television shows. The platform currently has over 12,000 titles in its library.

In the past year, the platform has won marketing awards at the SCREENXX 2020 in Hollywood and won the best OTT product award at the British Asian Media Awards. However, the platform is facing stiff competition from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The new partnership with Airtel will help strengthen Eros Now’s presence in Hindi-speaking markets. The two companies can leverage their existing distribution networks to target subscribers with content of their preference.

Original content produced by Eros STX

Eros STX Global Corporation is a global entertainment company. Its management team has a wide range of experience, and the company is well positioned to pursue growth opportunities around the globe. This new organization combines an ambitious Hollywood indie studio with a leading Bollywood film studio.


Eros STX is well positioned to benefit from accelerating consumption of premium digital content in growth markets. The company has a robust capital structure and a strong credit profile. As a result, it will be able to build a powerful studio system for the future.

Eros STX will focus on developing a pipeline of feature films and episodic content for release. The company will also pursue strategic investments in key growth areas, including a global distribution strategy. With a unique capability to present a pipeline of original content to a global audience, Eros STX can create a powerful powerhouse between East and West.

In addition to its diverse portfolio of original and acquired film and television series, the company has a robust library of titles across multiple genres. Among its top titles are “Vickey Detective” and “Gunmaster Geetu” which have both been ranked among the most popular shows on ErosNow.


Digital media

Eros Now is one of the fastest growing OTT digital platforms in the world. It offers consumers access to the largest library of movies, short-form content, TV shows, music videos, and exclusive online premiers. The company provides a platform for advertisers to reach audiences across all digital screens.

With more than 19 million subscribers, Eros has become a market leader in South Asian OTT. In fact, it is ranked fourth among global OTT services by Morgan Stanley. The company’s product proposition has been strong since its launch in 2012.

The OTT service, which is owned by Eros Digital, has been a pioneer in the entertainment space in India. As of March 31, 2021, the service has a total of 224 million registered users.

Through a combination of its strong relationships with key participants, Eros has been able to develop its brand image. Moreover, the team has ambitious goals for the business. For instance, Eros has a goal of 50 million paid subscribers in the next three years.




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