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The Barbro Peterson Death

When Ronnie Peterson first met Barbro in spring 1969, they instantly bonded. She was a secretary and wore a big floppy bow tie. Their relationship continued until Ronnie’s death. Sadly, it was never quite the same after Ronnie died. Despite their closeness, there was a great deal of friction in the anxnr relationship.

Peterson was a successful Formula One driver who won ten races and finished second twice in the world championship. He died of an embolism during a startline crash in the 1978 Italian Grand Prix. He is buried alongside his beloved wife in the family plot in Orebro. Peterson’s funeral was attended by many Formula One stars, including Magnus Peterson, James Hunt, and Jesse Scheckter.

Peterson’s crash took place at the 1978 Italian Grand Prix, when another car slammed into the Lotus. Peterson’s car burst into flames, but one of the drivers pulled him out. It was 20 minutes before an ambulance arrived. The racing world was devastated by Peterson’s death, which prompted numerous rule changes.

Peterson won the championship in 1970, but he also competed in lower-echelon series. In 1971, he won the European Formula Two Championship, driving for March. In 1970, Peterson was pictured chatting with Colin Crabbe during the Dutch Grand Prix.



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