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Rome2rio Owner Panel Discussion

Despite the competition in the travel industry, the Australian firm Rome2rio has continued to grow. It was founded in 2011 by two former Microsoft engineers and is now expanding globally. Its founder Rod Cuthbert says the company offers a global search engine that is similar to Google Maps, but with more options for multi-modal travel. He’ll be sharing the panel with former Kayak executive Brian Harniman.

The team is comprised of experienced individuals with diverse backgrounds. Lead engineers, software engineers, and product managers are among their diverse backgrounds. Niraj is a former senior software engineer at Microsoft, and previously worked for Kayak and Momondo. He has a keen interest in travelling and reading. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis, reading, and gaming.

Rome2rio also makes it easy to choose the right mode of transport. By entering the departure and destination of a trip, a user can easily select the best mode of transport. He or she does not have to specify dates or even choose specific departure or destination locations, although they can do so. For example, if you want to visit Amsterdam, you can input “AMS” in the search bar. The site will display a list of options, including the cost of each mode of transportation.

Besides its search engine, Rome2rio also provides information on ground transportation. With this information, users can compare fares, time, timesweb and cost of traveling by bus, train, car, or plane. The site also provides information on how to travel between different cities in Italy.



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