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There’s no denying the presence of an Indian presence in the Philippines. The Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian majority have been here for centuries and have left their mark on the land. But what is it about Indian culture that makes it stand out among others? Well, it doesn’t always result in a smile and a quiet night’s sleep. In fact, some parts of India are infamous for being drab and unappealing at best, while at worst they are downright scary. You see, unlike other cultures, Indians are passionate about food – not just any kind of food but food with a special smell! So where do we get started? Well… let’s see!

The origin of Indian culture

Well, Indians are a lineage of people who migrated from Central Asia. They came to what is now India in the early part of the 1st millennium BC and inanticipatedly, their culture was quite different from the one seen in Central Asia. They developed a unique way of living that is still very much evident today. They were fond of agriculture, which they practiced on a large scale, and they also very much loved to eat food in a relatively large variety of forms.

Food is the key

Gourd, kachoris, pakodas, uthus, goan dal, bhog – these are just some of the numerous Indian foodstuffs that make up our diet. Of course, there are other Indian foods besides those mentioned above that are very popular among the Indian population. But if we are really to get into the spirit of Indian food, we need to keep our eyes on the horizon. There are many other Indian food items that are found in every part of the world and yet, we Indians find them as very special.

The interesting fact about Indians

One of the unique things about Indians is their fondness for food. Simply put, they love it all. It is very evident in their way of eating and the way they approach their daily activities. They are not the people who stay out all hours of the day looking for a snack. On the contrary, Indian people are very active and they go to great lengths to make sure that they get enough sleep. They are also not the ones who have a bit of trouble with the concept of time. Indians have it in spades and they are not shy about expressing their wealth in terms of the regular times and places of their everyday activities.

Why do they love food?

The main thing that keeps Indian people coming back for more is the love for food. Whether it be a plate of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even for special occasions, people will end up devouring it like there is no tomorrow. You may be wondering why they love food so much? Well, it could be said that Indian people have a taste for it. It may sound like a negative aspect but it is not. It is actually a sign of healthy competition and a determination to succeed. If you are a little less particular about your food and often give it away, you will find yourself following in the footsteps of your peers.


The word “devat” means “suddenly” in Hindi but is quite common in Indian languages. People often use it in reference to doors that open unexpectedly and with a high ping. Such is the case with doors that re-open when you touch them. Some may also use it as a swear word. When people find themselves in situations where they have to be somewhere in a short time frame, they always look for ways to get there sooner. This is why doors that open suddenly and with a high ping are most popular among Indian people.

Drying mode for us

Like most animal species, humans are sensitive to the air pressure dropover from one place to another. This is why we have a humidier climate in the US than India. On the other hand, in regions like South Asia and parts of Asia, the air is usually dry. This means that the pressure is usually much lower than what people experience in India. So, when people come to India, they experience a lot of pressure. They often come into the city with the expectation of being able to relax and have a good time. However, when they approach the city with a heavy load, the air pressure is usually very high. This is where Indian doors come into their proper role.


In a nutshell, Indians are an interesting group of people with a unique culture, food, and habits that are very much in tune with the times. They are a proud people who have always sought the good in each other and in the world in general. Despite being a minority in their own country, they are very much part of the mainstream Indian culture and are very much in tune with the times. This is why they are very popular in many parts of the world and are often called “the perfect people”.