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Zootopia is a big, beautiful, fun movie about 8xfilms animals living in the human world. It’s also a political satire about how far we’ve come in our concerns for wildlife and wild places. In this review, we take you behind-the-scenes with Zootopia and explore how it came to be made into such a memorable film. We’ll discuss its themes and characters, including Judy Finch and Nick Wilde, as we go from making a low-budget animated film to being nominated for an Oscar. You see, even though Zootopia was made by third parties (primarily Disney), it has something of an official “Made For TV” feel to it. We discuss the process of getting this movie made before discussing its significance for sequels and remakes going forward.

What’s in the Box?

The Zootopia series has long been associated with Disney, but the first film in the series, Zootopia, was actually produced by Universal Pictures. It’s been a longtime tradition for Disney to make a theatrical release for their select releases, and this year’s collection showcases just how much they’re keeping the line intact. The first film, Zootopia, released in October 2012, grossed $42 million in the US, and became the studio’s best opening in history. The second film, canonically based on the first film, Zootopia, released in May 2013, whiffed by more than half a million dollars. The studio has yet to release a third Zootopia film, but it’s expected to hit theaters in 2020.

Theatrical Trailer

The first film in the Zootopia series, Zootopia, opens in two parts: the first flashback tells the true story of how the movie came to be, and the second film tells the story of Judy, Nick and the rest of the gang in their search for the missing St. John the Baptist. The first film also stars Jason Sudeikis asangered, and it’s worth noting that his character is inspired by the rock star he’s become in recent years. The first film also stars Fielden, Stanley Tucci, D.A.R.D. and Ellie Sares as a gang of misfit animals that learn about how to live in the city and the world around them. The second film tells the true story of St. John the Baptist’s martyrdom, and it stars a completely unrelated cast and crewmembers, including Will Ferrell as a devil-worshiper who’s trying to convert St. John to Christianity.

Set Photos

The first set of photos from Zootopia can be found in this gallery, which includes stills from the film as well as a comparison shot between the first and second films. The second set of photos includes a more distant look at the characters as they explore a local park and encounter a large animal. The second set of photos also includes what can only be described as a “300-pound bear” with a “macro” on its back and a “micro” on its tail. This set of photos is probably the most fascinating to study, as it shows the animals from the first film, as well as the humans, in their natural habitat.

The Bonus Features

The bonus features for Zootopia include a behind-the-scenes video that covers everything from the making of the first film to the cast and crew of the second film, and a behind-the-scenes look at the first film at the Las Vegas International Baby Shower. The bonus features also include a 90-page book, “Zootopia: The Magical World of Hilarity,” written by Harry Ransom, which details the history of the city of Zootopia, along with the animals it’s based on, and a digitalNative app that lets you track and analyze environmental data, like temperature and rainfall, in your city.

Zootopia: A must-see for kids and adults alike

It’s easy to see why Zootopia is such a loved and respected film in our society. It follows the main theme of lost wildlife and wild places, and its message of tolerance for all forms of life is especially important in times of climate change. The first film in the Zootopia series grew on me, and the follow-up, Zootopia 2: Dangers of the Wild, is a great reference point for how to make a sequel to a Disney movie, as well as an overview of how the first film was met with critical and commercial success.

Final Words

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Zootopia review and are ready to see what else the studio has in store for you this year. The first film in the Zootopia series was made for the small screen, and it was followed by a big hit in Zootopia 2: Dangers of the Wild, which follows the same cast and crew and features the same animals as the first film. As with any sequel, the studio will likely choose to expand the world of Zootopia with new animals and features, but the first film spoke to us about the love and hate with which we love wildlife and ecosystems, and it would be remiss if we didn’t share that love with you, too. If you’re a wildlife lover, or simply want to see more of what happened in the first film, you won’t want to miss Zootopia, as it concludes with a fantastic fantasy world.



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